Coaching for Parents of LGBTQIA+ Individuals

While iAmCouncil has spent itself devoted to the LGBTQIA+ community, we realized that parents of LGBTQIA+ children often had their own questions, concerns, and hopes. We are here to help parents ask, learn, and grow in a safe and confidential environment. Parents don’t have to feel lost or as though they are reinventing a very important wheel alone. iAmCouncil is here to meet parents where they are and provide the safety to get them where they are going.

No Judgement. Just Hope.

Let Us Help You Support Your Child

Parents of LGBTQIA+ identifying children are often at a loss. Most of these parents have questions about proper language to use, are afraid of saying something hurtful, and because their experiences are vastly different than their children’s, they are very puzzled on how to relate to their children lovingly. Parents who find themselves in similar situations are all too familiar with powerlessness. That’s why iAmCouncil is here. We are here to help you feel confident to maintain a strong connection with your child and keep your child safe as they make important decisions.

How does coaching work?

Life coaching is a very efficient process by which parents can identify their challenges, fears, and concerns all with the intention of setting actionable steps to help you create the relational attachments with your children that leave you swooning with peace of mind. Our coaches leave every option on the table for you to explore, so that at the end of the day you are fully prepared to engage your relationships with courage, ease, and finesse. We bring a depth of knowledge as queer children, allies, and/or parents ourselves. No matter your religious, political, and cultural context, our coaches consider it our top priority to help you love your LGBTQIA+ child unconditionally.

Our services will help you

  • Build a communication system that is efficient and healthy
  • Learn your child’s language with ease and use it correctly
  • Build the confidence to be a relevant attachment figure in your child’s life
  • Find the safety to ask your hard questions to find answers
  • Process the challenging stuff with a trained professional who can help you find resolve
  • Learn to feel confident in your power as mom or dad
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