Career Coaching for Students and New Professionals

Perhaps you are in the midst of your senior year of college, or just recently graduated, and are not sure where to start with your career journey. Many new professionals do not know that career coaching exists, or how it can help them get a boost in their career journey. iAmCouncil helps clients define their goals, set small steps to achieve larger milestones, and better understand who they are and what they want in a workplace setting.

Our Expertise

We have over 10 years of experience providing career coaching for college and new professionals, including in college settings like the University of Colorado Boulder, University of Colorado Denver, and with community colleges across Colorado’s front range. Additionally, our staff serve on committees at the highest national level for career development, present on the career development related issues in Colorado and nationwide and work with corporations to create more inclusive workplaces.

Our team specializes in working with the most marginalized in workplace settings, including understanding the intricacies of working with DACA, implicit bias in the workplace, and being a female identified individual in male dominated fields. One of our team members was previously awarded the Diversity Initiative Award by the Colorado Career Development Association (CCDA) and was a leading board member of CCDA when it was nationally recognized by the National Career Development Association as an outstanding career development association.

How We Work with Clients

iAmCouncil’s career coaching is specifically designed with the LGBTQIA+ and underserved populations in mind. Moreover, with recent victories in the Supreme Court, LGBTQIA+ folks have more protections in the workplace than ever before. Our coaches have worked with clients in this new terrain, exploring coming out at work, how to navigate a dead name in a job search, and staying aware of new legislation to keep you safe and happy in the workforce.


We provide support in every aspect of their career exploration and job search, including a tailored approach to make a job search work for you.

Our services will help you

  • Navigate the nitty gritty of job searching, including resume writing, interview preparation, networking and salary negotiation
  • Explore who you are, using various tools including the MBTI and CliftonStrengths
  • Explore the world of work, understanding what types of jobs exist and where your unique talents will thrive
  • Transition from student to worker
  • Develop strategies related to time management, anxiety management, confidence building, and public speaking
It’s Time To Take Your Mental Health Seriously

“When I was nearing graduation, I began to wade through the, at times, intimidating and potentially precarious job search process. Rae utilized her coaching expertise to help me find the best job fit for both my long term and short term career goals. Most importantly, however, she reminded me that advocacy for oneself is the most powerful tool we can wield. I am so thankful she was there for me!”


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