Life Coaching for the LGBTQIA+ Community

Life coaching is a process where coaches and clients work together to explore different perspectives, develop realistic goals, and empower clients to trust their own inner advisor. Our team of life coaches have extensive training in their field of expertise, and are certified coaches or licensed therapists. We bring over 10+ years of experience with helping our clients achieve life’s possibilities in a way that feels tangible and realistic. We have had the privilege of engaging with clients of all ages from around the world with the sole goal of helping them tap into their own inner potential.

What Sets iAmCouncil Apart from the Rest?

Often times we are left wondering “is this really all there is?” or if adulthood is just one hardship after another. While we can’t necessarily control what life hands to us, we can, however, explore ways to take back power and craft the life we want with what we have. We aren’t just providing coaching for the LGBTQIA+ community, we actively live, breathe and function within that community! As queer and trans individuals, we found that society didn’t provide examples of what life – as openly out individuals – might look like nor resources to help us on our own journeys. So we endeavored to build the systems we did not have to fill in that gap and now, we hope to provide others with the very support we once needed.

How is Life Coaching Different from Traditional Therapy?

While many of our coaches are also trained counselors, we engage in coaching because it is typically a more ‘present and forward’ focus. Our work is often active, dynamic, and uses dialogue and honest feedback to foster curiosity and motivation towards future goals. Much like therapy, our certified coaches will sometimes share thoughts and insights, but the focus is on helping you self-discover your own truths. We help clients explore some of life’s more existential questions, like: Who am I? Where am I going or what’s next for me? How will I get there? in a way that is bite size.

Our Services

Our services are designed for the LGBTQIA+ community. As members of that same community, we hold space for our clients to bring all identities, ideas, and parts of self into our work together. Our services include:

  • Helping you find your own guidance and path that aligns with your values
  • Goal setting, prioritizing, and self-authorship
  • Identifying ways to minimize decision fatigue by building a deeper understanding of your own internal compass and minimizing outside ‘noise’
It’s Time To Take Your Mental Health Seriously

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