LGBTQIA+ Career, Financial & Life Coaching

What Makes iAmCouncil Different?

iAmCouncil offers Career, Financial, and Life Coaching specifically designed with the LGBTQIA+ community in mind. Our primary goal is to empower our community— the LGBTQIA+ community— to achieve life-fulfilling goals in their professional, fiscal, and personal lives. No judgment, just hope.

Counselor and career coach, Rae Stout, shares about the difference between counseling and coaching. Learn how Life coaching can benefit you now!

Minority Led & Inclusion Focused

For our founders, Isaac Archuleta, a Latine, pansexual son of two conservative ministers, and Jamie Leach, a gender non-binary parent and coach, creating fulfilling lives wasn’t easy. Their unique journeys led them to prioritize inclusion & safety for all no matter their race, gender, or creed.

60+ Years of Cumulative Experience

The iAmCouncil team has a wide variety of expertise on its team. From top-notch career coaches from prestigious Colorado universities to coaches who are also trained, seasoned therapists, to coaches auditing financial conglomerates on Wall Street, our team is fully equipped to guide you toward the pinnacle of life-satisfaction.

Cutting Edge Approach

Our team is committed to utilizing proven, cutting edge practices. We stay educated on the latest coaching trends, while staying grounded in the tried and true. We intentionally seek out and hire individuals with diverse backgrounds and extensive training, and hold regular trainings for our staff to stay at the top of their fields.

The LGBTQIA+ Community is Not a Specialty, it’s Our Community

We are a proud, queer-led business and active advocates for our LGBTQIA+ siblings.

Our Specialties

We consider it our life’s work to know you—your challenges, your goals, and what will lead to you most fulfilling life. After intimately understanding the challenges of the LGBTQIA+ community, iAmCouncil has become incredibly skilled at removing barriers and inspiring growth. We use cutting-edge, goal oriented practices, specifically tailored to help you step into the life you most deeply desire.

Career Coaching

We full-heartedly believe that LGBTQIA+ individuals are full of potential. Knowing how to best apply that potential, however, is a major feat. Career coaching is not only designed to help you identity the job that will leave you feeling most alive, but it will also help you navigate both the heteronormative and internal barriers blocking you from your dream job.

Financial Coaching

There are many ways in which money seems to be sand slipping from our hands. No matter what goals we might have, financial disorganization might make it incredibly difficult to find fiscal stability, health spending habits, and a plan that will give you the most stability. Financial coaching might appear to be on the periphery, but it might just live you building on one stable foundation.

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