Career Coaching for LGBTQIA+ Professionals

For most folks, work is a means to survive – it provides us income, stability, and often purpose. Unfortunately, work is also a place where we often have to fit a certain mold, whether it’s wearing a uniform, acting a certain way, or not being able to hold certain roles due to our gender, society has dictated what work looks like for most of us. Now, more than ever, individuals are looking to their workplace and career to be another space where they can authentically express themself. After historic Supreme Court victories in the summer of 2020, LGBTQIA+ individuals now have more legal protections and equality in the workplace than ever before.

If you are finding that you are looking for more authenticity in your workplace, or are dissatisfied with your current work life, career coaching is the right place to start. Whether this is being out at work, talking with an employer about your transition, advocating for a raise, or exploring a career change, we support our clients through helping them define their goals, set small steps to achieve larger milestones, and better understand who they are and what they want in a workplace setting.

Our Career Coaching Expertise

We have over 10 years of experience providing career coaching for individuals of all ages, with expertise in working with mid-career changers, retirees and new professionals. Our team specializes in working with the most marginalized within workplace settings, including understanding implicit bias, reclaiming power in workplace dynamics, and understanding the intricacies of re-establishing your career after a life or work transition. One of our team members was previously awarded the Diversity Initiative Award by the Colorado Career Development Association (CCDA) and was a leading board member of CCDA when it was nationally recognized by the National Career Development Association as an outstanding career development association.

How We Work with Clients

iAmCouncil’s career coaching is specifically designed with the LGBTQIA+ and underserved populations in mind. It is our goal to help you build a career—that leads to the utmost life satisfaction—by listening to your truest desires, unearthing your biggest talents, and fortifying your grandest dreams with tangible action steps. Moreover, with recent victories in the Supreme Court, LGBTQIA+ folks have more protections in the workplace than ever before. Our coaches have worked with clients in this new terrain, exploring coming out at work as an established employee, how to navigate transitioning at work, and staying aware of new legislation to keep you safe and happy in the workforce.

We provide support in every aspect of your career development and professional identity, including:

  • Exploring career pathways and career transitions, and how to know what’s the ‘right’ move
  • Career development and advocating for yourself, whether it’s discussing job growth, salary negotiations, boundaries at work or being your most authentic self at work
  • Explore who you are and what’s important to you, using various tools including the MBTI and CliftonStrengths
  • Understanding and finding harmony between life roles, like parent, spouse, student and child with our role as worker
It’s Time To Take Your Mental Health Seriously

“Rae helped me when I was working through a career transition. I knew I wanted to leave one industry for another, but wasn’t sure how to do it. She sat with me and helped me tell my story on my resume in a way that was effective and helped minimized my stress. I was anxious about the next steps and Rae listened, brainstormed with me and was there for me every step of the way. I am now employed in a dream company doing work I love!”


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